3 Holiday Apartments, Rhine river banks, St. Goar for your vacation in Germany
Apartment with view of the Rhine river and the old mideaval castle Katz (cat) and castle Maus (mouse), near Fortress Rheinfels and Lorelei rock (about 1 km),
Middle Rhine valley between Frankfurt, Mainz, Bingen, Bacharach, Boppard, Koblenz and Cologne

In our house which is situated at the rhine promenade in St. Goar we have 3 comfortable apartments. Don’t worry you won’t find grandmother’s old furniture!

The apartment on the first floor (57 qm) is suitable for 2 persons. Completely furnished kitchen (electric range, egg cooker, toaster, and coffee maker), lavatory, shower, cable-TV, radio, alarm clock, washing machine.

3 Apartments in St. Goar / Rhine

The second apartment (75 qm) is suitable for a number of up to 5 persons. It is on the second floor and furnished with 2 bedrooms, crib, completely furnished kitchen (electric range, washing machine, dishwasher, egg cooker, toaster, coffee maker), lavatory, shower, cable-TV, radio, alarm clock.

3 Apartments in St. Goar / Rhine

"Rhine View"
On the fourth floor we have an apartment
(70 qm) with a wonderful view of the river rhine and St. Goarshausen with castle Katz on the other side of the river. This apartment is also furnished with 2 bedrooms, completely furnished kitchen (electric range, toaster, egg cooker and coffee maker) lavatory, shower, cable-TV, radio, alarm clock.It’s suitable for 4–5 persons.

3 Apartments in St. Goar / Rhine

Have a look and come to this little town St. Goar in the near of the legendary Loreley cliff.

You will always be taken care of. Hospitality has got a long tradition here.

In the summer St. Goar is visited by many tourists from all over the world. Many big events and smaller festivals always mean a good idea for having a good time, and all the wine festivals in september with the big attraction "Rhine in flames" / "Rhine aflame" (Rhein in Flammen) are very famous.

If you would like it a little more calm you will enjoy a vacation in spring or fall.

Are you interested in a vacation at the river rhine valley or do you want to taste the famous wine from the rhine valley in the atmospheric sourroundings, "on the spot".

No problem.

Just give us a call or write to:

3 Apartments in St. Goar / Rhine , Heerstr. 57, D-56329 St. Goar/Rhein


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