Welcome to Rhine-Hotel Boppard, located in the beautiful Middle Rhine River Valley of Germany.
  • The hotel is located in the middle age city of Boppard, with its town wall, towers and the impressive Kurtrier castle.
  • Also near to the mystical Lorelei rock.
  • Boppard is conveniently situated between the classic German cities of Ruedesheim, Bingen, Bacharach, St. Goar, Koblenz and Cologne.
  • The friendly staff are always on hand to provide you with tips and advice about the local area.
    In the evenings, you can take a stroll along the Rhine River and admire the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Whether you are looking for a relaxing break, a romantic getaway, or an exciting adventure, we are sure that you will find everything you need at Rhine-Hotel Boppard.
  • Eight castles can be seen or visited within a range of 15 km: Castle Lahneck, Palace Stolzenfels, Marksburg (the best kept castle on the Rhine, complete with the original equipment), Castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein (brothers at war), Fortress Rheinfels, Castle Katz (Cat) and Maus (Mouse).
  • Just a few steps away is one of the nicest parts of the Boppard Rhine-promenade, and a short walk will bring you to the centre of town and the Kurtrierischen Castle.

Rhine valley on the Lorelei rock




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