Trips to Castles and Towns
in the Middle RhineValley

Bed & Breakfast Rhine Hotel Haus Weller

in the Valley of the Lorelei on the Middle Rhine
between Coblence, Marksburg, St. Goar, Castle Rheinfels and Ruedesheim
Start your excursions from here:
Hikes through the vineyards and woodlands, high over the Rhine to Spay or Bad Salzig – or you can take the chair-lift to the Vierseenblick (Four-Lakes-View).

Explore the area, and the picturesque villages roundabout, by bicycle. There are many well built cycle-paths for your convenience.

Take romantic boat-trips and round cruises on the Rhine to the Castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein, the Fortress Rheinfels, the castles Katz and Maus to the Loreleirock and to the small cities Bad Salzig, Kamp, Bornhofen, Wellmich and St. Goar or on to Ruedesheim, with its world famous Drosselgasse.

You will, no doubt, also want to get to know Boppard better, and take a free guided tour, or a round trip with the Bimmelbahn. The little train will take you past the Kurtrierischen Castle, which houses the Thonet Museum, passing some of the old framework houses and wine-bars, and around to the archaeological Roman diggings.

For sport fans there is a wonderful open-air and enclosed swimming-bath. Tennis courts are to be found directly on the Rhine-promenade, and a golf course is only a short distance away at the Hotel Jakobsberger Hof. In Boppard there is a well equipped fitness-centre.

Visit the Pfalz-in-Rhine, by Kaub, the Castle Rheinfels, by St.Goar, the Feuding Brothers (Castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein), the Marksburg, or the Castle Stolzenfels, not forgetting the falconry at the Castle Maus.

Day outings in the Eifel, to the Laacher Lake, and the Nurburgring, into the Ahr-Valley, or down the Mosel to Cochem and the Castle Eltz, are not just a delight for adults! A trip to Phantasialand is also easily made in one day.

After your enjoyable day, you can relax in one of the many wine-bars or public-houses. Take pleasure in a good glass of wine from the Bopparder-Hamm, or choose your own favourite at a pleasant wine-tasting.

Information about Boppard from A to Z can be obtained here!

Day trips and Distances:
Marksburg bei Braubach am Rhein (Schiffsverbindung zum rechten Rheinufer von Niederspay 8 km und Brey 11 km)

Königsstuhl bei Rhens am Rhein 13 km

Schloß Stolzenfels bei Koblenz 15 km

Burg Rheinfels und St. Goar am Rhein 16 km

Loreleyfelsen 18 km

Bingen am Rhein (Schiffsverbindung zum rechten Rheinufer nach Rüdesheim) 46 km

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Trips to Castles and Towns
in the Middle RhineValley
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